Two Brothers Surf Resort, Nicaragua

We had a great week here at Two Brothers Surf Resort.  We loved this unspoiled land of Nicaragua.  We found the local people to be friendly and simple, always ready to smile or return a friendly wave as we bounced by them on the dusty roads.  Each day we took hundreds of photos of the natural beauty of the area:

  1. hiking the stream bed north of the property
  2. exploring the tide-pools and sea caves
  3. seeing literally thousands of sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs at low tide under the light of the full moon
  4. hiking and exploring the salt flats and rivers edge where it meets the break at Popoyo
  5. walking miles and miles of unihabited beach
  6. reading and watching the beautiful sunsets by the pool

This has been a week full of adventure and experiences!
Cort and Dana,  December 2008

My family and I have enjoyed our stay here.  First of all, our villa felt like home – very comfy and we had everything we needed for such a long stay.  Second, being able to surf Playgrounds and Popoyo with no crowds (somedays even empty) was a true treat!
Chal, Kai and Jennifer,  November 2008

Thanks for a wonderful time here in Nicaragua!  The view is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  Next time I come back, I know exactly where I will be staying…
Clarke Tolton,  August 2008

"Ten days were not enough… We leave without physical strength but full of memories that will hunt us to come back. The vibe in this place and the wisdom you shared made this an unforgettable surf trip. Thank you all again for welcoming us in your house not only as hotel guests but also as your friends. Cheers and see you guys soon!
The crew from Venezuela, August 2008

For us being from Belgium and Chile respectively, Nicaragua is an exotic country. Within the Nicaraguan context, Two Brothers itself can be considered exotic: “Exotic within the exotic.” However, a perfect blend: stylishly designed within a beautiful natural context: the sea views, the little valley behind… a refreshing dip in the pool at eye-level with the “zoplilotes” or vultures soaring around, the screaming of flocks of parrots breaking the silence at sunset. We love this place!
Patrick and Karla, August 2008

I truly have never had such an experience quite like this…I do know that this is the first of many trip back to Nicaragua and to Two Brothers! Thayer Behmke, August 2008

A perfect 10 day vacation…This was the most beautiful place to stay. No words for this place, but the best time of my life and plan to be back on a regular basis. Thanks for the life changing experience. It was unbelievable. The surf was good, the view was beautiful, but the people made the trip!
Joe, Patrick and Dave, July 3008

Where to start…What an amazing trip! We each came away from this family vacation with such amazing stories, such personal growth…Thank you for sharing your amazing oasis with us!
Amy, John and Griffin, June 2008

Thanks for the IRIE VIBES on the mountain top. Everything was great. I loved the beautiful views, swimming in the pool, the cookouts, the surf truck, boats trips and sharing waves and laughs… Greg Stinson, June 2008

I had the time of my life - loved surfing with the groms - it made the trip.
See you next year. Billy, June 2008

Even though our motorcycle gave up half way up the hill, we are so glad that we continued the walk up and fell upon this little paradise, not only for the majestic Gaudi- like environment, but because meeting you both has struck a deep cord within our souls…
Igor and Vanessa, June 2008

We most definitely enjoyed ourselves thanks to our awesome accommodations and your wonderful family! This trip will surely be a topic of discussion for the rest of our lives – and it we most likely be followed by a sequel since it doesn’t really feel like we are leaving for good. Thanks again for everything – it was a pleasure to share your sanctuary!
Traci, June 2008

Thank ya’ll so much for hosting such a fantastic trip! I had such a great time chatting, surfing, doing yoga, spending time in your outrageous pool and enjoying your stellar art and architecture…This was definitely one of the most fun surf trips ever.
Kelly and Sean, June 2008

Stumbling upon your hilltop spot was the best possible end to our trip. Thank you so much for your hospitality, our favorite pool in the world, and tremendous view! We feel like we’ve been old friends visiting your beautiful home. We will be back!
Carrie O’ Neil and Tim O’Brien, May 2008

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and appreciated your hospitality. After three trips to Nica, this has been by far, the best accommodation thus far. It was a pleasure getting to know ya’ll and hanging out with the boys (our guides!). We look forward to returning soon.
Doug Garwood, May 2008

Thank you so much for your hospitality – you have created a wonderful place in this beautiful country and I am so blessed to have been part of it for these few days. All of you are wonderful people, I am grateful that you came in to my life!
Jessica, May 2008

surf, everyday surf popoyo, playgrounds, beach-swell e-shack-ulated.
A Haiku poem by Geoff, Holli and Kugo
Thank you for the wonderful hospitality! The time has come to leave and it is hard to motivate. It was great to not only get to know the Gregory clan, but also the other travelers who passed through…
Geoff, May 2008

Wow! Nicaragua Gregory style…An amazing place you have here… “It’s not what you take when you leave this world behind you, it’s what you leave behind you when you go!!”
Ryan Kuja, May 2008

Oh my goodness! Words cannot even begin to explain the magnitude of a good time that I experienced here at Two Brothers. Learning to surf was definitely the highlight of my adventure. I am definitely hooked! I cannot wait to return…You guys really do have a paradise here. Much respect for your endeavors on the hill and thank you for all your kindness, great hospitality, and loads of fun in the sun. I am going to miss this place and its wonderful keepers.
Holli, May 2008

Thank you very much for an extremely nice “three day hang out”…but we wouldn’t mind staying more…and we hope to come back or better say we “have to come back!” Sitting by the pool watching the sunset we found “our hill”! Who knows, you might have Swedish neighbors in the future.
Melin and Per, May 2008

Word cannot begin to express my gratitude for the hospitality, friendship and care you all extended to us. Sitting on the porch, the wind doing its best to keep us cool, looking out over Popoyo and listening to the irie mix of tunes coming in from next door. The temporary home to our new French friends from San Francisco – writing this note carries a bittersweet resonance. Tomorrow we leave, but my mind drifts off to all that we enjoyed here: Boat trips to Dairy Queens, living a Corona commercial by the pool at sunset, surfing with the boys at the Beach Break and snorkeling at the tide pools, buying fish at the Astriello fish market, riding Modoc and Pablo, pizza a Rana Roja, fresh caught tuna – all held together with rum, cerveza, and plenty of reading and relaxing…
Pete Weiland, April 2008

It’s hard to say how much I enjoyed and needed exactly what you have here. Words just won’t do it. I am done searching around for paradise. I will be back over and over again. I have already got the OK to be back in November, except this time with the whole family. May your days be filled with fun, surf and peace! I caught some great waves and dream of more!
Mike Edwards, April 2008

Words cannot express this place. You are in paradise and living a dream I hope to share with you someday… Good luck and continued success and most of all – charge large! Rodney, April 2008

Unreal place, unreal waves, unreal experience!  We’ll be back no doubt…
Hunter, March 2008

This is one of the best experiences of my life!  I have never found so many quality waves within such a close radius and its all because of your guidance.  I think I speak for all of us when I say this is one of the “best surf trips of my life!”  You’ll be seeing all of us again in due time!  Can’t wait to come back for the sick waves.
Matt Warsaw, March 2008

Finding Two Brothers was a dream come true!  This place is unreal and helps me fully connect with the things in my life that make me the happiest.  I will never forget our session on the Outer Reef – one wave was all it took.  Thanks for the knowledge and wisdom of someone who has it all figured out.  You can bet that you will see me again.  Maybe next time I’ll get a better wave than you at the Outer Reef.  Muchas Gracias!
Ryan Hixon, March 2008

Most EPIC!  Your place is amazing.  Thanks for showing us a good time from the boat trips to Popoyo & Lance’s left – it’s all good!  We appreciate the hospitality and good stories.  You have a good thing going here and hopefully I’ll be back sometime soon!
Mark, March 2008

All I can say is wow.  This is exactly what a surf trip should be…dirt roads, big waves, and great accommodations.  I hope I can come back here sometime and surf the waves, and check out how Two Brothers Surf Resort is coming along!
Jarrett, March 2008

Ya Rob, thanks for showing us the ropes and letting us stay in your sick villas.  You gotta great thing going here and I love it all.  BEST SURF TRIP EVER!
Dom, March 2008

You showed me a killer time this week- Popoyo, Santana, Colorado, Dairy Queens were all awesome waves.  You know this place well and I could not have asked for a better person to stay with.  Your place is amazing and I can’t wait to come back!  Peace man!
Pat, March 2008

What a week it has been…from the surf to the stories.  Great times.  Your advice and companionship made it…You have built an amazing place.  Keep it real!
Mac, March 2008

Thanks for the wonderful time you have given us.  My family enjoyed this place so much that we are planning to come back.  It’s so relaxing and our kids loved your swimming pool very much.  This place is very special, the view, the sunset, the privacy…
Ivan Malespin, Managua, March 2008

…The Resort is beautiful and I would recommend it to any surfers that are looking for a stay close to great waves in beautiful accommodations.
Steve May, March 2008

First time to Nicaragua…This place is amazing.  I  need more time.  Surfed Popoyo twice and Lances twice – amazing waves.  I will be back ASAP.  This beats the snow in Utah anytime.  Thanks for everything!
Jerome, February 2008

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