Two Brothers Surf Resort, Nicaragua

Thank you for the hook up! We had a fantastic time and enjoyed every day. Loved surfing on the boat but enjoyed heading south and seeing the beautiful coastline I didn't know existed. I'm surfed out and sun tanned, all the elements of a great surf trip. Thanks for heading us in the right direction every morning and for the delicious mackerel caught on the boat. Ashley, Mary and Patty, North Carolina, November 2010

Had a great time staying here! Thanks so much for the hospitality and all the info on the best places to score good waves. The boat trips were the highlights of the trip. I feel truly blessed to have been able to stay here with my friends and make a new one…you! I will be back! Chris, California, November 2010

I have been fortunate enough to see many beautiful places and what you have here is world class. Can't thank you enough for one of the best times of my life! Bradlee, Florida, November 2010

Thanks man for the totally enjoyable time – I'll return with my wife soon – waves were great, food was great and your place is Pura Vida! John, Florida, August 2010

Wow! So good to finally meet you all. What a beautiful home! I could feel the love! Thank you for providing such a beautiful fun place for people to enjoy… Karol, Florida, August 2010

To my amigos and amiga, had a good time and enjoyed every minute of the stay and caught the beach break just like you like it! Can't say in words how much I enjoy it and the stay… See you all in the woods! Marsh and Auggie keep it real, you all are great boys and have a life that is so awesome! Joe, Florida, August 2010

Thanks you all for the amazing combo… wave hunt, spot discovery, recreation and relaxation at the house and of course my first barrel! (always trust Robert in wave and swell predictions) Thanks for making us welcome and taking care of us! Gillian, August 2010

We absolutely hate leaving! We have had an amazing time. Thank you for sharing your home with us. I loved the days on the boat and the paddle instructions. This has been a great vacation based on your family's kindness. I'm glad our families were able to interact quite a bit! We'll miss you guys… the Reese family, August 2010

It's been another wonderful month spent here at Two Brothers with you all. It's beginning to feel as it this is our home away from home. Thank you so much for your hospitality and sharing your wonderful home with us. We couldn't ask for anything more. Looking forward to being back next year and hopefully we will cross paths before then. Thanks for everything! Phil, Florida, August 2010

Dear Gregory family, I had a great time hanging out once again. It was great to be back and see how much things have changed and how some things are just as I remembered last year. I hope to see everyone in the future again! Brian, Florida, August 2010

Thank you for another wonderful trip to Nicaragua. We love your place soo much. It is almost a home away from home. Marsh and Auggie have progressed in surfing so much since last year. I can't wait to surf with them in North Florida… We will have to stay in touch. Have a wonderful time in Nica and come home to Florida safe – Marsh, always wear your seatbelt and NO horse playing in the truck! That means NO food fights! And Auggie, do not eat so much candy and surf and much as you can! Robert and Susan, thank you, you have a wonderful family you can always be proud of in the most beautiful places in the world! Malfy, Florida, August 2010

Thank you for everything. We had a great time up here at the pent house. Keep the waves warmed-up cause I'm bringing my pops and 2 big boards next time! Eric, Florida, July 2010

Year numero cuatro! So great to be here again! Great seeing you guys and the kids Auggie and Marsh growing up year after year! Can't wait to be back! Fifi, California, July 2010

Wonderful experience! I need a week like I just had! Perfect! Thanks for creating such a lifestyle! See you in the line up in Florida… Steve, Florida, July 2010

We scored great waves and enjoyed the hospitality of Nica and Two Brothers. Thanks for a ton of fun. We had a great time and hope to see you again soon! Peter & Topher, California, June 2010

Had a blast as always! Please thank the wife and kids. This is my paradise! See you soon… Columbian/Miami crew, June 2010

Our week here has gone by so fast. Peter and I feel like two of the family members… your hospitality, kindness, and friendship has made our time here that much better. Thank you for letting us extend our stay, having us for dinner, playing Ping-Pong with your boys. Auggie was a great surf guide and a cool kid. Don't be a stranger if you ever visit Southern California. Justin & Peter, California, June 2010

Glad we decided to turn up the road and check out Two Brothers. As soon as we saw the pool Kate said "we have to stay here no matter what!" Amazing view! Well even with rain and power outages it was still amazing. Thanks for being so helpful and friendly. Two more days to go and tomorrow's going to be wicked! If not there's always beers by the pool… This was just what we were looking for after a long bumpy ride on a dirt road… Super hospitality, great views, with the best and worst weather during our stay… Loved every minute of it! Kate & Jeff, California, May 2010

Gregory Clan – Susan, Robert, Auggie & Marsh – our Popoyo "Swiss Family Robinson" – beacon of gorgeousness on top of "Colinas de Mar"! We've wanted to stay here for 2 years and so happy we did! Your hospitality and friendship go beyond the eat-stay-sleep experience. I will come here again and again to this magical place on the hill where the sunsets over the valley on one side and the epic sets of waves roll in on the other… We wish you all the best, love, luck and epic sets in secret spots! Carolyn & Laurent, California, May 2010

Thank you all for a fabulous stay in a beautiful place. You are truly wonderful hosts, gracious in all regards. Should you ever decide to explore Colorado's mountains or Utah's sculpted canyons, let us share the mysteries of our home with you! Until lifes travel cross our paths again- Tamara & Ross, Colorado, May 2010

We feel lucky to have picked such a great spot to finish up our honeymoon – it was perfect and the people (Nicas too!) were a big part of it. The trip to Dairy Queens was a blast – now I'll be thinking about surfing all years! Hope to get back again someday. Ross, Colorado, May 2010

Thank you for creating such a beautiful place, with influence from various continents. We had a great lazy weekend here enjoying the spectacular views and the tranquility with just the sound of the birds and the ocean. The kids loved the pool and playing with Ralph. We'll be back! Lamert & family, Managua, May 2010

What can I say that's not already been said many times? - another great surf trip to Nicaragua thanks to Two Brothers. My level of familiarity with each stay makes each return trip all the more enjoyable. It has been neat to come back each year and see how the boys have matured both in life and surfing experience. Marsh greatly impressed me this year with his laid back fluid style and Auggie is still a fun bundle of energy in the line-up. We felt honored to be their first solo boat trip as captain and first mate and you should be proud of the job they do out on the water! Once again we had consistent surf all week combined with your family's gracious hospitality, it was a stellar stay in Nica to remember. I'll be looking forward to seeing you all again! Brian, Florida, April 2010

It's always an adventure here in Salinas. Sun and surf – sunsets at the pool – those are the things we search for - but the part that makes this place so special are the Gregorys… William, Maryland, April 2010

Thanks for another successful surf trip here in Nicaragua. Waves while not epic were fun everyday of the week and Robert always made sure we knew where to find the best ones. We are totally exhausted here at the end of the week and that is exactly how it should be. Looking forward to coming back! Scott, Maryland, April 2010

Thank you for a memorable trip. Your place here is beautiful, comfortable, and peaceful. The surf was great, the boat trips were fun and it wouldn't be the same without all of your local tips. Spectacular views!! We also enjoyed using your well-stocked kitchen. Two Brothers is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the sun, surf and sea of Nicaragua. Thank you so much for your fantastic hospitality and for helping make a fantastic vacation! Jalena & Cory, California, April 2010

We wanted to thank you for your hospitality at your beautiful location. We had a fabulous honeymoon and your graciousness and local knowledge contributed to our memorable trip. When we come back to Nicaragua, you'll see us again! Carlos & Julie, April 2010

Thank you guys for a fabulous honeymoon! We love it here – relaxing and gorgeous and colorful! We will be back… Anne Marie & Jay, March 2010

Two Brothers Resort is like a time machine… we arrive & then what seems like a few hours later, seven days have gone by and sadly it's time to leave. After 3 months on the road (Panama, Costa Rica & Nicaragua) and staying in over 28 different places – we finally found a tranquil, magical place that calmed our spirits and renewed our souls. Our villa was cool and inviting and the awe-inspiring sunsets from the pool deck were incredible… Thank you so much for sharing this bit of paradise with us! Mark & Pauline, Canada, March 2010

Gracias por su hospedaje! This place has it all – the view, the pool (we LOVE your pool), the gardens, great quality surfboards and boogie boards with no wait or hassle, tranquility (so often unavailable in Central American lodging), and all the little things experienced travellers learn to bring with them (a sink plug, clothesline, corkscrew, can opener, etc…) – everything is here! Kudos and thanks for the thoughtful lodging. Gracias tambien for the great advice on the tides (and tide pools), restaurants, stores, beaches, etc. That, too, is rarely available from a rental – the main desk is usually too busy or simply doesn't know what visitors seek. We do hope to return sometime. Tranquil, unpolluted, natural environments are increasingly difficult to come by in Central America and this place (Two Brothers) is among the finest that remain. Don't change a thing! Mark, Debbie, Nate & Nick, Indiana, March 2010


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