• Upon arrival in Nicaragua, you will be charged US$10 for a tourist visa.
  • There is no need to change money. The US dollar is accepted at all hotels and restaurants.  Keep in mind that you will most likely receive change in cordobas.
  • You will need to carry a valid driver’s license and a copy of your passport with you when you are traveling around Nicaragua.
  • You will want to top off your gas tank in Nandaime – fuel is cheaper here than in Las Salinas. Within a kilometer of Two Brothers, are small shops that sell fresh food items such as eggs, sugar, coffee, milk, cereal, bread, meat, beans, rice, pasta and beer. Fruit and veggies can be bought from local stands or trucks that drive by daily with mangos, bananas, pineapple, watermelon, tomatoes and more. Fresh fish and lobster can be purchased directly from the fishermen as they bring in their daily catch. You can view a map of the region on the right.
  • Nicaraguans are very friendly and will be very happy to point you in the right direction with a simple greeting and
    “?Donde esta Masaya?” , “Donde esta Nandaime?”,  “Donde estas Rivas?”, etc.
  • Also, when all else fails, ask a cabby for directions and thank him with a few cordobas, or simply note the destinations written on the back of the buses to confirm your direction/destination.
  • Time Zone:  Nicaragua is on the same time as Central Standard Time (Chicago) with daylight savings time reflecting Mountain Standard Time (Denver).
  • Electrical Current:  110 volts, standard American plugs are fine.
  • Immunizations and Vaccinations:  Current Tetanus and Hepatitis A vaccinations are a good thing to have. Protective clothing and insect repellent are enough for mosquitoes.  Although we have few mosquitoes at Two Brothers, you will want to have it on hand if you explore elsewhere. There is no risk of Zika Virus in our part of Nicaragua.

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Essential Things to Bring:

  1. Bathing suits, board shorts and rash guards
  2. Lots of good sunscreen
  3. Beach Towel
  4. Wet/Dry bag for boat
  5. Flashlight and camera
  6. Wetsuit top or spring suit Nov-Mar
  7. Light rain jacket Aug-Oct
  8. Personal Meds, epi-pen, toiletries
  9. Extra Cash and ATM card