Two Brothers Surf Resort is owned and operated by Robert and Susan Gregory in the true spirit of “minimal impact tourism,” promoting conservation and sustainability. We intend to keep our resort intimate, reserved only for a limited amount of guests, lessening our impact on the environment (and keeping the surf line-up minimal!)

Our goal is to plant, preserve and provide for the wildlife and habitat on our mountain, while creating beautiful architecture that does not draw away from the natural beauty of the land.

The designs of the villas reflect the organic principles of nature, with much inspiration coming from the Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi, whose attentive observation of nature led to surprising and different architecture making interesting use of color, form, and space.

During construction we have used all local craftsmen, utilizing local building materials including hand-formed sun dried clay bricks, painstakingly hand-mixed and poured cement and beautiful hand-crafted Granada floors tiles crafted in the old colonial city that bears its name. All the building materials have been laboriously carried (by men), carted (by ox), or trucked when possible up the mountain that affords us such an amazing view.  The work has been hard and long. The results are magnificent!

Advance reservations are necessary to ensure availability.